What Is HitTrax?

The Hitting Pro is proud to offer HitTrax™ Batting Practice, Games, Tournaments, and Leagues at our facility. HitTrax is the world’s first and only baseball simulator. A powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has never before been available to indoor facilities.  Get Live results for immediate feedback for both baseball and softball!

    • Hit Real Leather Baseballs
    • See the results – Distance, velocity, launch angle and more
    • Review your stats – batting average, line drive percentage, spray chart, etc
    • Pick the MLB stadium you want to hit in – 24 and counting
    • New college venues – Arizona St. Softball, Vanderbilt University Baseball
    • Little Leaguers can take batting practice or play a game at Williamsport – home of Little League World Series
  • Review your swing – the HitTrax has a camera that helps view each swing to help point out flaws and strengths.

More Data. Better Training. Improved Performance.


HitTrax measures never-before-captured metrics that quantify performance and help players and coaches identify strengths and weakness before stepping onto an actual field.  The system provides real-time visual and statistical hitting and pitching data upon impact with the bat, offering immediate feedback on such metrics as exit ball velocity, distance, pitch speed, late break of pitch, strike zone analysis, and spray charts. In-depth reports generated by the system chart progress over time and identify performance trends. Players have the opportunity to compare their statistics against a national database of players at similar skill levels, from Little Leaguers to the professional ranks. HitTrax allows you to train as you play!

Hitters Pitchers
Exit Ball Velocity Pitch Velocity
Distance of Hit Pitch Location
Launch Angle/Elevation Late Break Measurements
Strike Zone Analysis Spray Charts
Spray Charts Batting Average Against
Hard Hit Average Strike Zone Analysis
BA, SLG, and OPS Analysis by Pitch Type


Using HitTrax Simulation systems, advanced state of the art technology accurately captures and measures  the speed and trajectory of the ball while calculating the realistic outcome. Systems include high speed cameras, computers, monitors, sound and more.

Our HitTrax is in a full sized cage with our HomePlate pitching machine, which throws real leather baseballs between 40-90mph, on a customized basis. The indoor baseball games are played just like real baseball.  Players handle the hitting portion of the game (pitching/soft toss is an option too) with the same rules as the outdoor game. Once the ball is hit – HitTrax takes over and calls balls and strikes, performs the base running and defense, displays your exit ball velocity, hit distance, launch angle, and more.

We have  huge viewing screens for you, team members and spectators to watch your hits on any of over 26 MLB Stadiums scaled to age of the players!  Ready to play at Angel or Dodger Stadium?

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